comin’ along

18 Dec

Luke’s coming along.  Slowly but surely he’s taking better care of his things and items around the house.

He trashes shoes especially, dragging his heels and making holes.  I gently asked him not to, that it ruins his shoes.  But it continued.

We had HIM purchase his new shoes and the problem resolved, is gone.  We told him we would regularly check his shoes and if they were without holes or dragged out, worn out heels by January we would give him $5.00 back.  It worked.

He tends to forget things at home for school, lunch, binder etc, school library books.  This IS getting better too.  It really is.

In the past he would walk to the school office, ask to use the phone and leave me a message like this, LOUD:  “MOOOOOM!  YOU! YOU! YOU MOM! YOU BRING MY BINDER!!!!” like angry and demanding.   Or, “YOU BRING MY LUNCH!”  After the first time I told him it’s not okay to talk to leave me a message like that.

“mom is not slave, you are not boss.  The next time you call me, if you don’t leave a nice message I am NOT bringing the item to school.”  A few days later it happened again.  I hate the forgetting but I needed to focus on the manners first.  I did not bring the lunch to school after the ,”mom you bring my lunch NOW!”  He was mad at me after school and hungry but it hasn’t happened since.  ” Luke, I was serious.  I will not bring your item if you are mean to me on my voicemail.”

Today he forgot his lunch, so I’m heading out the door to deliver it.  After a NICE message, “mom, PLEEEEEEEEEASE bring to me my lunch.  thank you. PERIOD” and he said “PERIOD” loudly but not rudely. Period?  whatever!?!

I got a little giggle as I played it.

The Wheaton Ethiopian boy gang...Luke, Abel Bong, Sam Carlson and Joseph Parker...Out to eat.  Aren't they a handsome bunch.  God bless these boys.

The Wheaton Ethiopian boy gang…Luke, Abel Bonga, Sam Carlson and Joseph Parker…Out to eat. Aren’t they a handsome bunch. God bless these boys.


2 Responses to “comin’ along”

  1. Wendy December 19, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    Good for you and good for Luke. It takes time…sometimes lots of time. My daughter forgets things and with encouragement, she is getting much better. She too used to be so hard on her shoes and all of her things but over time that has improved a lot. She has been with us almost 6 years and slowly but surely she is gaining the confidence and ability to speak and act like a girl of 11 years old instead of one much much younger.

  2. kristi December 26, 2013 at 1:07 am #

    What a handsome lineup!!!!

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