6 Jan


School is cancelled today, my phone read -15, Neg.15!   when I awoke this morning.

Chris and the boys finished our skating rink on the sport court but the children have yet to skate on it!

He went to Play-it-again sports and purchased 12 pairs of skates, some pucks, sticks and 2 goals.  I’m guessing I’ll be the referee between girl time on the ice and boys’ time.

I went to get groceries last night and could hardly get the cart to our truck, pushing it through sludge.

We’ve watched lots of movies, played too much xbox, slept in until 10 and played lots of our favorite card game, POUNCE!

Not leaving the house today except for a doctor’s appointment for one the girls today, the College is closed so I won’t be taking the children to play at the gym.

Happy New Year blog-friends!


One Response to “burrrr”

  1. Cromwell January 15, 2014 at 2:35 pm #

    Hi Laura, I was reading through Graham’s jaw surgery blog site and noticed that you wrote about the numbing in your gum -both upper and lower. I am on day 27 post op, and the roof of my mouth is completely numb as well as the gums surrounding it. How is your gums now? Was your palate completely numb as well in the first month and when did you get the feeling back? Thank you. Cromwell

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