new stuff ( and a little video)

16 Jan


Lainee and Zinnia’s doctors in Wheaton and Chicago have nominated them for Make-a-Wish trips!!!


I’ve had mixed emotions about it.  But, the rest of the family has NOT.  They are fully embracing the Make-a-wish experience.

The girls were interviewed and talked about wishes including princesses, dolphins, learning how to surf and meeting bethany hamilton.

It was cute and pleasant.  I guess my hang up is that as believers in Christ we don’t really wish for anything here on earth to the point of not feeling fulfilled unless that wish happens.  We hope in heaven, where no more suffering will be endured, no more blood transfusions and no more tears or hatred or human trafficking.  My second deal, and one that I cried over the next day, is the way that qualifying for Make-a-wish makes me feel about the girls health.  We kind of forget about it, until blood time comes around. And then I’m reminded of their fragility.  Life is short.  We don’t strive to be comfortable and “wishful-filled” here.  We strive for honoring Christ and sharing in His sufferings and sharing in His glory in heaven.

Anyways, that’s all I’ll say about that side of the Make-a-wish deal-ee-o.  Chris and the kids think I need to lighten up a little bit, so, yeah.

Trips are happening, for both of these special girls and our entire family. (more later)!

I took this picture because my mimi is so happy for her sisters and something about her make up would never be jealous about it, she’s just happy and excited with them.  I’m really proud of her.


I took this photo to share a helpful tip for busy moms of boys who wear ties to school because of game day.  The black tie at Target, the one they have to where for choir?  yup.  Noah wears it pretty regularly on basketball game day.  Well, you can actually wash it and dry it and it still looks the same :) infact, you don’t even need to untie it! talk about a time saver!  just keep that ole tie right on the shirt!

Lainee and zinnia have ear and eye appointments this week.  The medication pump that they have to sleep with can cause eye and ear damage.  I have been so late in getting them in for baseline appointments.

I don’t have glasses and none of my other children do either.  I had never been to an eye doctor!IMG_5294

 It’s been obvious to us that Zinnia needs glasses.  And Lainee too has been complaining about her eyes (whenever zinnia does) ha hum.IMG_5296

 lainee got some cute “fake” glasses for her birthday in october, but they broke, she was really really hoping to need “real glasses”!IMG_5299

Zinnia went first and struggled and struggled to see letters on the wall, until they were BIG, then she could see them.  Not lainee, she kind of tried to stumble, worrying that maybe she wouldn’t need glasses!  But in the end, it was Zinnia who really needed glasses.  The doctor isn’t sure if this is due to her medication or not.


these girls are such fun.  This is in the waiting room, I was trying to video them secretly.  Zinnia was the “teacher”.  IMG_5303


When the girls were done with the doctor, the doctor asked them to leave the room and she asked me, “what’s their story??”  I shared a 3 minute version of adopting the girls with thalassemia 2.5 years ago, that they were friends in china etc.  When I was finished she sighed deeply and said, “well, brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it?”  (yes it do!)

well, next we tried on glasses and it took 2 minutes to pick out her frames (not a lot of choices for her adorable little bridgeless nose).IMG_5315

meanwhile….little lainee is feeling increasingly jealous!  She was saying, loud so the eyeglass fitting lady could hear, “I don’t know why my mom won’t let me get glasses!?  I can’t even see!!”  hoping, just hoping that surely someone in the building would rescue her and put glasses on her face!IMG_5318

Lainee took this photo of zinnia in those little sunglasses they give you after the drops they put in your eyes make them sensitive, she’s so cute.  Off to school!IMG_5319

and zinnia took this one of miss grump, knitting miss grump.  I decided to hash it out with lainee a bit on a “mini date” last night.  We had a good talk and she seemed to have turned a corner attitude-wise.  She earned her mini date for good behavior at school.  She’s a chatty little thing, but learning how to be appropriate.  I’m encouraged.IMG_5328

the lady told us it would be 7-10 days for the glasses to be ready.  Zinnia was so disappointed.  Last night at bed she prayed earnestly, “Please please God, please can my glasses come tomorrow?”  I told her, “Zinnia!! not tomorrow!  She said 7-10 days!”  Then again this morning on the ride to school, “God please bring me my glasses today!”

So, you can imagine my excitement when I got an automatic message at 7:00pm that Zinnia’s glasses were ready!!!!  We headed right over as Zinnia said over and over “thank you God! thank youGod!”  yes, thank you, God!IMG_5335





Zinnia was so cute, right away she was pointing and smiling and reading signs and saying, “oh!!  I can see that!! and that!! and that!!”IMG_5340

“no one touches zinnia’s glasses except Zinnia!”IMG_5341


2 Responses to “new stuff ( and a little video)”

  1. Carolyn January 16, 2014 at 10:45 pm #

    Too sweet! I loved those pictures and the video. We’ve seen that same eye doctor before, too. She is great. What cute glasses, and so glad she can see.

  2. Kate January 31, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    Sorry, can you clarify if y’all are going to surf with Bethany or not? The reason I asked is:
    The Bartlinski family ( – you’ve probably heard of them with their daughter Teresa who went to be with Jesus this summer) is in Hawaii right now surfing with Bethany Hamilton for their daughter Gemma’s make a wish trip. Such a precious family. That would be crazy if y’all were there at the same time!

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