19 Jan

up in the night with a sick child

and woke up to this (after taking one that read 104.6 and not believing it was accurate)….

Made two trips to the convenient care today as another one took a plunge, don’t you hate that place?

I have this feeling that  this could be the beginning of a long, drawn-out ordeal if it passes through everyone.

But I could be wrong.

I had the nurse give me a flu shot.  She said, “a little too late mom….”

IMG_5369Can you tell that there is a cold, light sensitive little cutie under there?

I brought a few others with me on the second trip to get flu shots too…

just in case.

No school for us on MOnday or Tuesday, so the children can rest up.

TVs been on ALL day, babysitting while I run to clinic and walgreens, then clinic and walgreens…

meanwhile I’m getting great updates from dad and the boys out west on their ski trip…





longest ski trip ever (did I say that?)



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  1. Carolyn January 19, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

    I’m so sorry they’re sick (sounds like two are?). I’ll be praying.

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