Aside 21 Jan

Yesterday i ended up taking our zinnia to the ER because of a super high fever (105.4) because she has a port its important to make sure that its not iffectex when her fever spikes.  It was hard to do because i knew it would be long and drawnand her thalassemia would be confusing to the ER staff.  I knew in my heart it must be influenza.

But it ended up she got IV antibiotics ans fluid and an influenza diagnosis.

today we are back to the hemotology unit and both girls are getting transfused.  I wasnt sure that they would let zinnia be transfused, or on the unit because of her fever and the oncology kids. But, they wisked us back to a private area and we have our own little room. ImageIm feeling so thankful that zinnia can be transfused. I ImageImagehardly slept wondering what the staff here would say and do for us today.  Praise God.

Dad and boys are home late tonight.  Trying desperaty to keep a clean house. To keep the sick children away from the healthy children! Gigi took this photo this photo last night after lainee and mimi pleaded for a sleep over and i said “yes! No one is sleeping with zinnia tonight!”  They had so much fun!


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