Happy birthday mimi!

26 Jan

Today My Mimi turned 9!
IMG_5469Here she is opening letters from her grandparents


After Church we went out for brunch and brought our family presents.  Anyone who knows Mimi know she is a PENGUIN expert!  It seems like penguins are all over the place right now.

IMG_5468 IMG_5449 Christopher and LaineeIMG_5451

Mimi and her newest penguin.  She named him Mr. Penguini!IMG_5444  Good job gang!IMG_5446

We have a small travel sized etch-a-sketch but I knew mimi would be so excited with a larger one.  Have you ever had the pleasure of watching mimi on the etch-a-sketch???  Her mind is the most creative mind I know.  You would be in awe.  I love how God made her like that.IMG_5441

Mimi also has an INCREDIBLE imagination.  She loves to play pretend.  Dad wrapped up an old cell phone, she was thrilled!IMG_5439

She also asked for a scarf.  like fashion scarf, not winter weather scarf.  She was thrilled!IMG_5437

We love you Mimi. We are so excited to see the little girl God created you to be.  You add so much energy and excitement!!!

Happy Birthday!!IMG_5434

This is Luke’s basket ball team.  They are so cute and Luke is SO GOOD this year! Its a great confidence builder.IMG_5425

IMG_5423 Noah’s school team ended the season yesterday.  Mr. Clum is such a great principal and coach.  He has played such a positive role in Noah’s life.  We are so grateful. They made it to the semi finals!IMG_5415 TODAY everyone is “well”  (I’m a believer in tamiflu…wow. )IMG_5393 and here is Miss Lainee feeling so special in her “fakies”IMG_5400

Mimi's birthday cake~ She requested carrot cake.  YUM! (FG approved!)

Mimi’s birthday cake~ She requested carrot cake. YUM! (FG approved!)


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