17 Jan

Im so happy for Chris and our boys to be away together, doing their favorite thing! Praying its a refreshing time, a bonding time, relaxing (time away from some annoying siblings). Luke told me, “mom, i feel bad that you have to be the only parent this week, i will help you!” It was sweet. I miss the guys but Im enjoying being “fully into” the kids at home. No school Monday or Tuesday so my sister and her 5 are coming from Michigan for some cousin time! Isnt the photo in the powder beautiful???


school’s orchestra concert

12 Dec

Gigi’s Christmas Orchestra concert was tonight. I was so impressed! It takes a few years to get a beautiful sound coming out of stringed instruments, and it was just that, a beautiful sound. I’m so glad she’s playing and still enjoying it. The younger girls want to pick it up again. Lessons got to be way too involved and each practice session needs hands on help from mom (me). What was I thinking? Having all 3 little girls playing and gigi? I guess I wasn’t really doing any thinking at all! but I got some cute photos of them picking out their violins, remember those?  Ah, yes… Mimi and Lainee are the two that I will let play again.  Just not zinnia’s thing so I’ll be “talking up” how fun the choir choice at school is.  But then again, maybe it would be easier to have them all doing the same thing…?
Day two of the diet today (minus a fruit snack pack from teacher) bummer. I told her if she’s given snacks at school to bring them home and trade them in for snacks that are okay for her diet.  Okay, I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I didn’t tell you that I also told her I would give her some $ toward the TARGET watch she wants if she didn’t want to trade it in for food.  You give me the cupcake, I give you a dollar.  ;) I’m doing what I can do to make this work.

Our difficult one actually sat the entire concert on dad’s lap, relatively still and only had one very brief out burst that maybe only the people in front of us heard.  I’m not sure if this was because of the diet already or prayer.  God knows and I’m thankful we didn’t have to walk out.
I’m heading to bed tonight hopeful, and compassionate toward her.  It’s a good feeling:  pushing frustration and tired impatience to the background, even if for one day.  thankful.

I was up most of last night tossing and turning and praying with worries about the future and praying for a friend for her, just one Lord!

My shopping is finished except for two xbox games i will get tomorrow.

It’s a good feeling.

Then I’ll take a day to hunt for hidden gifts, wrap the gifts and get it organized and hide the wrapped ones again.

It’s a fun time of year.



my baby lainee grace

27 Mar